We are truly a grain to glass distillery. Our spirits are derived from real, unmilled grains from local farmers with whom we have real, personal relationships. All components are hand selected and hand made from start to finish with no shortcuts or automation. There is a face to every step of the process; real people and real stories.

Unlike many grain to glass initiatives and high-class liquors, Whistling Andy is very innovative, even industry leading with their products. Whether it's finding age old recipes or unique new blends derived from what's in season, there is always something exciting coming out of this distillery.

Named after the father of Brian Anderson, head distiller and co-owner, Whistling Andy Distilling prides itself on the importance of family, personal and community relationships. 


Brian Anderson - head distiller

Favorite WA Spirit - Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Gabe Spencer - Distiller

Gabe Spencer - Distiller

Favorite WA Spirit - Pink Peppercorn Pear Gin



Brian has always had a passion for tasty spirits and as soon as the Montana laws changed he started working to bring his idea for a craft distillery to life. After 5 years of training, school, meetings and sweat equity, Whistling Andy Distilling was born.

As a co-owner and lead distiller Brian get to wear many hats. A typical day involves answering customer/distributor emails, updating production schedules, checking inventory levels (raw material and finished product), milling grain, mashing in whiskey and distilling spirits. 

"I love to try new things, so any spirit made with love and care is fair game. However, I am very partial to the combination of well-balanced beer and nursing a shot of good tequila. "



Gabe was bitten by the craft beer bug early thanks to his two older brothers who taught him about good beer at a young age.  In his early 20's he began experimenting with the flavor profiles of beer and started brewing beer at home.

After working in the corporate world, Gabe realized it wasn't how he wanted to spend the rest of his life, instead desiring a career in the craft brewing industry.. Wanting to further his knowledge of manufacturing craft beer, he enrolled in brewing school at Siebel Institute of Technology, Chicago. 

Recently Gabe stepped into a role of one of the distillers at Whistling Andy Distilling. He gets to apply his passion and knowledge of brewing to make booze.  Now Gabe exercises his creative talents and skills  by creating the perfect spirit. After all there is more spirit in spirits. Right?